CabMaker CutMaster Joinery missing joint holes

CabMaker CutMaster Joinery missing joint holes

Postby mvanvliet86 » Fri Feb 25, 2022 9:08 pm

Dear CabMaker and CutMaster users,

Having spent two full days on learning both amazing tools. I now want to throw my screen through the window as I cannot find a solution/reason for this:

The created DXF file shows there are no holes drilled/machined/mitered in sides of the top panel. Only in the side panel. So I cannot join both parts like this. Unless I get my own drill to do the whole thing manually of course.

Is this a setting I did not turn on? Is it supposed to be like this? Also the bottom does not have holes in it.

See attached picture.

Thanks a lot already!


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