extension appears as a script

extension appears as a script

Postby LvonL » Fri Jan 31, 2020 9:21 pm

i have SKP 2018 and i just intalled latest floor generator extension from the rbz file downloaded from Sketchucation.com, at the begining the extension worked fine, and showed the propper UI where u tweak parameters and such, but, next time i opened SKP that same interface didnt show, instead, it showed a window with the script behind the extension, erased the extension from the plugins folder and then resintalled again and shows the same. I must add that this started with Floor gen, but also now is happenig to other intalled extensions (not plugins like enscape or vray) like Fredo.
Btw, in my laptop's system where i have the same version of SKP installed enscape and vrayNext cant get along, whenever the two r installed, SKP crashes (i mean itstarts, but crashed after that)there can be only one intalled of these two


Re: extension appears as a script

Postby TIG » Sat Feb 01, 2020 2:34 pm

Can you post the path to the RBZ download for Floor Generator at SketchUcation.com
It's no longer available in the PluginStore, because the author has withdrawn it from publication following a spurious undisclosed 3rd-party copyright claim...

Perhaps you have an old version saved on your PC ?

Anyway it should not do what you've reported.
Have you tried clearing the Internet Explorer cache ?
It might be corrupted and messing with Webdialogs ??

Clearly the Fredo's dialogs shouldn't behave like this either !

Also try disabling the renderers and see if that is implicated...
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