Swept Path Vehicle Tracking Extension

Swept Path Vehicle Tracking Extension

Postby Kenny » Thu Jan 16, 2020 4:05 pm

Does anyone know if it would be possible to produce an extension for vehicle swept path analysis in SketchUp?

There is software out there such as Autotrack and Autoturn but these are expensive and require other software such as Autocad to run them.

I've also tried Autoturnonline (https://autoturnonline.com/) which as the name implies, runs online without other software, where a DWG can be uploaded and a swept path created but I found it very clunky and limited. It's also $69 per month which is still expensive and has a very limited vehicle selection for that price.

It would be great if someone could write something for a reasonable price that provides basic vehicle tracking within SketchUp for those of us not requiring specialised highway engineering grade software but nevertheless would like to check swept paths in masterplans etc.


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