Postby sketchartist023 » Mon Sep 02, 2019 4:58 pm

Does anyone have the rbz plugin of the sketchABEC extension for ABEC1? I used to own it but on another computer and it is not available anywhere else I see.

If interested, for developers, ruby scripters, if you are able to create something that I might be able to use for even the ABEC3 version for exporting to ABEC3, I will pay for your time as well as long as the plugin works as intended.

Thank you if you can help
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Re: sketchABEC

Postby sketchartist023 » Mon Sep 02, 2019 5:08 pm

Here is my goal:

I create a model in sketchup using whatever means necessary to make a mesh( i.e. grouping, tags, labeling, names, etc).

Then with a plugin I can export certain data needed as a txt file for ABEC3.
The text files contain the vertices of the model(s) as nodes with Cartesian locations x, y, z in a list with each group name as a tag.

Then I can use ABEC3 to alias the mesh into the scripting txt for solving.

If anyone is familiar with ABEC and its required scripts, you will know how time consuming and confusing it may be to create these files manually :P

This is part of an example solving script in ABEC3:
Elements "Enclosure-Exterior"
101 2201 2204 2203 2202 // rear wall
102 2001 2201 2202 2002 // top wall
// 103 2004 2003 2203 2204 // bottom wall (remove because of IB)
104 2002 2202 2203 2003 // side wall

Baffle "Exterior"
Vertices=2004,2003,2002,2001 "NF"
101 Ref="Cone Front" x=0 y=370.0mm // 350mm + 20mm
102 Ref="Vent Aperture" x=0 y=120.0mm // 100mm + 20mm

Diaphragm "Cone front"
DrvGroup=1001 // Driving group link to observation stage
SubDomain=1 // Front side belongs to sub-domain 1
Side=Front // Creates elements for the front side of the diaphragm
dD=250mm // Diameter of cone
tD1=50mm // Inner depth of cone to base of dust cap
dD1=70mm // Diameter of dust cap
hD1=25mm // Height of dust cap

Diaphragm "Vent Aperture"
DrvGroup=1002 // Driving group link to observation stage
SubDomain=1 // This side belongs to sub-domain SubDomain=1

and a nodes text file as a subdomain of the script to identify the node labels:

Nodes "NF"

// Exterior--------------------
// Front wall
2001 0.0 0.0 590.0 // 590 = 200+250+100 + 2*20mm
2002 0.0 160.0 590.0 // 160 = 0.5*(300 + 20mm) (symmetry)
2003 0.0 160.0 0.0
2004 0.0 0.0 0.0

// Rear wall
2201 -340.0 0.0 590.0 // 340 = 300 + 2*20mm
2202 -340.0 160.0 590.0
2203 -340.0 160.0 0.0
2204 -340.0 0.0 0.0

Currently, in sketchup I cannot create these manually at the moment, but I am DEEPLY spending a lot of time trying to learn how to. So far I have got a little success in at least showing the mesh in ABEC3. But i do not know how to create the scripts because sketchup doesnt use nodes, but vertices. So, labeling and communication of the mesh is difficult at the least.

I will keep testing as is, but if you have any knowledge of this process, I appreciate the time very very much! If not, I appreciate you reading this anyhow :) Hope all is well!
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