ClothWorks License broke - deadline tomorrow!

Re: ClothWorks License broke - deadline tomorrow!

Postby Anton_S » Mon Mar 16, 2020 3:43 am

luisbpaes wrote:I am having the exact same problem. For whatever reason I got the message saying "msg_validation_error" when trying to use clothworks (and my license was validated just yesterday). After reading this post I deleted the file SCFLicenseSignature - DO NOT MODIFY OR DELETE.txt and was able to validate once again, but now it says I have 2 seats taken. Can you please reset my count to only one?

I reset your seat count. Thank you for letting me know.
luisbpaes wrote:Also, is there a proper way of reseting seats in case of recycling my current computer?

Currently, to reset your seat count, contact Include your SketchUcation username in the email.

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