Xfrog Sweet Birch - KT Model library

Xfrog Sweet Birch - KT Model library

Postby Frederik » Fri Feb 08, 2008 6:58 am

For those of you who haven't seen this already at the KT Forum, I post it here as well... ;)

From Greenworks we've been allowed to convert the free sample Sweet Birch into a Kerkythea Model Library... :D

You can download the Xfrog Sweet Birch from our repository...
All materials have been set, so all you need to do is to insert the trees to your scene and you're ready to go... :D

This model library contains 3D models of the Xfrog Sweet Birch tree in 3 different age stages (Adult, Medium and Young)...

To install the model library into Kerkythea 2008 Echo, you simply download the zip-file from our repository and unzip the files to where your KT Models subfolder is located...
(I.e. X:\Program Files\Kerkythea Rendering System\Models)

To place the models in KT, you just click the Insert > Model and you'll find the 3D models in the various age stages...

After placement in KT, you can easily move the trees around in your scene, scale and/or rotate them as you want to and by using the instancing brush, you can create your own virtual forest... :D

I can also inform that we're currently preparing conversion of the Xfrog Public Plants into KT Model libraries and we expect these to be ready during week 7... ;)
Kim Frederik
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Thea Render Support
Thea Render Support

Re: Xfrog Sweet Birch - KT Model library

Postby Gaieus » Fri Feb 08, 2008 7:06 am

Hi Frederik,

Thanks a lot for this update! I can hardly wait till the week-end to start playing around!
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