Shadows in 3D pdf

Shadows in 3D pdf

Postby el.antuan » Mon Dec 03, 2007 1:29 am

Hi! I'm a real newbie in render, so I beg you pardon.

What about the shadows of SU in your soft? One thing is the lights, but I don't see any shadows in the pdf file.

Ah! Your export soft is really nice!

Thanks for your attention and regards:

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Re: Shadows in 3D pdf

Postby richcat » Mon Dec 03, 2007 1:28 pm

Hi Antonio

With the 3Dpdf creator as far as I know does not produce the shadows that you see in the sketchup file, and it does not re produce the light from the light fittings that you can put in your model.
You can however change the default lighting of the whole model in the settings of 3Dpdf creator or in the actual pdf when it is open, by selecting the desk lamp icon and choosing a setting.

Link to more some examples, and more info

Your right its a nice piece of software, and very useful in my work flow, as I can send clients simple 3D models, that they can read instantly as most people now have Acrobat Reader on their computers. The best bit is that they can then move easily move around it and give me quick feedback.

You can also get your clients to do load the sketchup up viewer and send them the skp file, but I find most prefer them as pdfs.

There is also a dedicated RPS Forum at, where your can put your questions/queries



Re: Shadows in 3D pdf

Postby Al Hart » Fri Jan 04, 2008 4:05 pm

Shadows would be "possible" in RPS 3D PDF - but very difficult for us to implement.

U3D, (the underlying format), itself, does not do shadows (as far as we know). If anyone has seen other 3D PDF products which do shadows, let us know.

So, to do shadows, we would have to places textures on each shadowed face which already had the shadows on them. This is "possible", but very difficult, and it would probably create a PDF file which was too large to use properly.


We have seen some approaches which use .AVI movies, rather than 3D PDF to create presentations with shadows. SketchUp can do this with sun shadows already, or you can use IRender to create movies with reflections and shadows from point lights as well as the sun.
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