I just noticed...

I just noticed...

Postby Al Hart » Thu Nov 08, 2007 2:43 pm

Chris_Patrick wrote:that the GI25i (26?) version adds the moving sun and saving each animation transition as separate movies. Awesome job!

One minor quibble - when the sun starts going down, how do I get the lights to come up? If the sun is on, the lights don't work even if the sun has "set".[/QUOTE]

mwilliams wrote:I needed that a couple of weeks ago. I am so pumped to have that feature! this program has been worth it. It is so good to have a software company that responds to users requests and is continuously upgrading![/QUOTE]

One of the problems with speeding out these upgrades is that we sometimes put out a version with a mistake. We are currently in that mode. Some of the versions this week do not not render textures on reversed faces properly.

We will get it fixed, and we do keep old versions around on the FTP site if someone runs into a particular problem. However, I appreciate your patience in working with a group which might (and usually does) make a mistake once in a while. It is very hard to implement something as complex as AccuRender into something as complex as SketchUp.

To add to our "woes" or "joy", we are just starting to implement the "NXT" version of AccuRender. See: http://nxt.accurender.com/ We are hoping that this will be several times faster, will make better renderings and will bring us additional new features!

(Regarding the lights - Set the light intensity on the Light setup tab to 3000% or 6000% or so so they have a better ratio to the sunlight. Another thing we need to fix)

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