RpTools - mirroring

RpTools - mirroring

Postby Al Hart » Thu Nov 08, 2007 2:28 pm

a midpoint selection...

when I need to mirror a object or a selection, I don't readily know the "Gap" between it and it's new opposite mirror, so the ability to select a midpoint somehwere in space and then have it mirror using it as a center.

I will give the idea of mirroring around a point some thought.

I have avoided having mouse/cursor input be a part of the RpTools wizards (except for "aim").

Even with axis colors, we feel that users are very often going to select the wrong axis and the wrong direction the first time. That is why mirror leaves the original item selected and automatically does an undo on the mirror if you click another mirror button. (With move and rotate, you can click the opposite arrow to undo the original move or rotation).

Maybe I will get some feedback from other users. It would be easy enough to put a "morror around point" checkbox on the wizard.

In the meantime, you could mirror with a gap of 0, and then move the item. (Although that would be easier if the mirrored item was selected.)

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