Looking for a paint or brush select plugin

Looking for a paint or brush select plugin

Postby Lilarcor » Thu Jan 13, 2022 2:14 pm

I think selecting stuff is a mess in Sketchup. Although there are so many excellent selection plugins, I couldn't find a simple feature that I need. I used so many 3d apps in the past, all had a simple option of:

  1. Not selecting the back objects: If I rectangle select over some faces, I want to select only the faces looking towards me, not some stuff underlying in the back. (Like Cinema 4d's " Only Select Visible Elements" or 3ds Max's "Backface Culling" I guess)
  2. Maybe a brush selection tool, when I keep pressed on left click the faces I walk over are included in the selection (not the back ones). For example Fredo's excellent ThruPaint has this behaviour. I need the same for just a selection. I think there is a plugin called "Grabby" in the warehouse, but I'm not sure about its features, since I need to pay for it to find out.

I think this is such a basic feature, I'm sure there is a way of doing it that I'm not aware of. Can you help me with this?

Thanks alot in advance...


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