Engineering/ structural/ steelworker

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Engineering/ structural/ steelworker

Postby lukemiller » Sat Nov 21, 2020 6:50 pm

Good afternoon all

I have been using sketch-up for about a year now, so I feel like I'm pretty familiar with the software. I have also been using AutoCAD for many years and use it part of mu work flow.

I want to broaden my abilities with SU in my workflow. Is it possible air nyone can help me point me in the right direction with the following?

most of my work is plant room install/ steel work/ architectural design

FYI: I am using a MacBook Pro at the moment

- a quick bolt maker (i did have a plugin but it doesn't appear to work anymore)
- a quick way to explode assemblies so all the items are separated for illustration
- a plugin that can produce quick 2d views (projection views without having to go through the different views)

I have met a guy who had some tools created for him that can produce handrail and mesh flooring with a click of a button all to the correct standards. It was quite amazing to see, he draws the lines for the handrail route and hit a button, and it set it all out with the correct spacing, spacing away from the corners, shows him the infill meshes also. I'm not sure profile builder can do that, I did have a go, but it can't deal with the corners for the handrail angle and spacings.

I would be interested to see examples of structural/ plant room install examples. I have never used 3skeng as it comes at a high price. I have managed so far without but i would be interested to see if anyone has used it to a high capability.

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Re: Engineering/ structural/ steelworker

Postby Dav_ID » Sat Nov 21, 2020 8:59 pm


you could be interested by this
by ABF Solution ( ... 164142603/

and the excellent Profil Builder 3 from Dale Martens !

enjoy ! :thumb:
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Re: Engineering/ structural/ steelworker

Postby Dave R » Sun Nov 22, 2020 12:33 am

What kind of detail do you need for bolts? I can't imagine you need to model threads or other find detail. You can probably make all the bolt components you need from scratch in short order. You might also find something useful in the 3D Warehouse. I prefer to make my own so I can control the amount of detail and the way they insert into my models.

As for the exploded views, there are a couple of old plugins that will move the groups/components in your model away from each other. One is a French one called Exploded View and there's another one from Smustard. I'm not sure about their compatibility with the newest SketchUp versions. This is also something I prefer to do myself. I find it easier and faster to create exploded views that work using the Move tool and Select.
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