Blendup for Sketchup URGENT ADVICE

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Blendup for Sketchup URGENT ADVICE

Postby Craig South Africa » Wed Jul 04, 2018 10:05 pm

Hi Guys

Very new to this site, Im writing in hope if anyone knows if Blendup is legit and if anyone is using it? They are selling it at $35, I was looking for a contact number as Im abit nervous to send money over and get robbed...Also by paying for this plugin how long can you use it for? A Year...2 years?

Do you have to renew your "Licence" once purchased?

THANKS FELLAS, any info would help alot

Craig South Africa 

Re: Blendup for Sketchup URGENT ADVICE

Postby juju » Thu Jul 05, 2018 9:09 am

Hi Craig, welcome to the forum! It's great to see some other countrymen here.

I bought BlendUp (June 2015) back when it was first released. The intent was to use it as a bridge to Blender for rendering purposes. I converted a few files with it and it worked as promised. I got newer versions as they were released, the last I have on record is v1.4 (not sure what it is at now) and didn't need to renew any licenses or subscriptions or such. I'm not sure about compatibility with the latest SketchUp versions, so I can't comment there, the documentation refers to SU2016 but may be so because of when it was last updated (or the last version I have). I don't have Blender on my system any longer (and don't have BlendUp installed as a result) so I can't test it with SU2018Pro.

Speaking of which, I see you're on SU 2017 Make (as per your profile). Please be sure to consider getting a Pro licence as it seems you may be using SU for commercial purposes (as per licencing restrictions of the Make version).
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