NUMS! A handy numeric keypad for the Macbook Pro

NUMS! A handy numeric keypad for the Macbook Pro

Postby Mike Lucey » Wed Jun 21, 2017 11:41 pm

One major item missing on the Macbook Pro is a proper numeric keyboard section. It becomes very tiresome crossing back and forth to hit numbers 1-0 on the keyboard. I find the Virtual NumPad on the CadMouse a great time saver but it's nicer to have something that gives the 'click' feedback.

Rich O'Brien sent me a link to NUMS a couple of weeks ago and I got excited about the idea ..... yeah, I need to get a life!

Anyway, I scoured around for the best price as I thought the $50 MRP a bit on the pricey side. After I located a site selling NUMS for €17 with free shipping I stumped up and order.

NUMS arrived a week later in a really nice presentation box and I was able the set it up in a minute even though the installation instructions were in Chinese.

I stumbled around a bit trying to locate the NUMS driver but located it after a while. In fact, I emailed NUMS looking for the driver location and received a return email, so good service there.

By the time I got the return email with the drive link I had already located the driver and was 'clicking' on my in-built NUMS MBP numeric keypad. Apple should have thought about this a long time ago but no matter, I have one now.

Here are the links,

Where I purchased,
Shop nums free shipping from Tinydeal.jpg ... 64249.html
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