iMac Retina resolution issues with Sketchup 2017

iMac Retina resolution issues with Sketchup 2017

Postby tcalvin » Fri Jun 09, 2017 5:39 pm

I am have less than good results in Sketchup with my iMac Retina monitor with SU 2017. Lines are fuzzy and cartoon like (my words) and when I present to my clients I feel it's not taking advantage of my best work. I understand that the output is fine when it goes over to Layout. The lines are crisp and clear.
I find myself going back to 2016 version to do my work.
Of course I can't take advantage of features of 2017.

Anyone else have the same issues? And is there any fixes that the Kids at Sketchup are working on to correct the issue.

"Help Mr. Wizard, I wanna go back --to 2016.


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