Increase SketchUp Productivity with iPad use and SideCar!

Increase SketchUp Productivity with iPad use and SideCar!

Postby Mike Lucey » Thu Oct 10, 2013 11:45 pm

Hi All,

I've been using my iPad as a second screen for my MacBook Pro via the AirDisplay app. To attach the iPad to my MBP screen, I have been using a modified glass lifter with suction cups. Its clumsy but works quite well however the suction only lasts so long and I have to be careful to reattach it regularly. The image below shows the setup.

Glass Lifter.JPG

There are quite a number of apps (Windows / Mac) that work with this set up, some free and others low cost. They can be found here,

4 Apps To Use Your iPad As A Second Screen

AirDisplay (Mac / Windows)
iDisplay (Mac / Windows)
Splashtop XDisplay (Mac / Windows)
MaxiVista (Windows)

Wireless Monitor Apps ... nitor-apps

DisplayPad (Mac)
DisplayLink (Windows)
iScreen (Mac)

Last week while checking out new KickStart projects, I learned of the SideCar (for Apple products only), developed by Matt and Adrian of Venos. ... -connector


I think the SideCar is a well thought out device for the intended job and also priced reasonably at $16. I have now ordered two, one for the iPad and another for the iPhone.

When they reached the required pledge level and go into production they will be clarifying the Apple product that I am using. It looks that they will be supplying the following,

Vintage: Fits second generation MacBook Pro (2009+) and third generation non-retina display Macbook Pro.
Deluxe: Fits third generation retina display MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

MacBook Air Users are recommend to use SideCar only with the iPad mini to avoid over-stressing the laptop hinge.

If you use a MacBook Pro and have an iPad, I highly recommend that you give this low cost product some thought and support it via a $16 pledge to help them get past the finishing post and go into production.

If you don't use a MacBook Pro you can always knock up a device like I am using at the moment. All it involved was two cuts to take out a wedge on the centre of the handle and reattachment using super glue. See image below.

Glass Lifter handle cut.JPG

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Re: Increase SketchUp Productivity with iPad use and SideCar

Postby glitchdesign » Thu Nov 21, 2013 7:05 pm

Hi Mike,
I've been thinking about using Air display like this for a while. Unfortunately i don't have a tablet so i can't test it for myself, but i was wondering what opportunity there is to take advantage of the touchscreen functionality.
With my 13" MBP i quickly run out of space for toolbars and trays, and i've been wondering if i could park them all on a tablet, and select tools, control layers, scenes and styles etc by touching the screen. If i knew for sure that this was possible i'd probably go out and buy a tablet tomorrow. Have you tried anything like it with your set up? Is there a reason why it wouldn't work?

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