AR Media launches iMechanic!

AR Media launches iMechanic!

Postby Mike Lucey » Tue Sep 10, 2013 2:00 pm

Hi All,

I just got word from Graziano Terenzi of AR Media that they have launched iMechanic on the Indiegogo, the crowd funding site. This is the link, ... a-mechanic


iMechanic is a very clever idea! Its goes like this,

Anyone Can Be a Mechanic With I-Mechanic Augmented Reality App

Car engines and equipment can be a totally unknown universe for many of us. Even if you are a longtime driver with your hands on a new car, you might not know where in the engine the most relevant parts are exactly located. Not to say when you have little or no experience at all and you are finding yourself in the middle of nowhere in need of help on how to refill your engine coolant. With this mobile application, based on an innovative computer vision 3D tracking software, anyone will be able to contextually access the instructions required to maintain their car, where is needed when is needed.

I have pledged on Indiegogo and hope that others here will do likewise as I think iMechanic would be a very useful to anyone with a car. Also! How COOL would it look? Playing around with the engine using an iPad!!!
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