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Re: WallCutter by FlexTools

Postby optimaforever » Mon Sep 03, 2018 4:00 pm

Ok, thanks!

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Re: WallCutter by FlexTools

Postby kls9ab » Tue Dec 11, 2018 7:26 pm

Hello I'm new to Flex Tools and wallcutter, so still trying to figure out how it will best work with the workflow my firm has established. Apologies if the following questions have already been asked, I tried looking through the forum but didn't see them listed.

For the most part the wallcutter has been working fairly well, however, a few things I have tried keep resulting in corrupted geometry. For example, sometimes when I use the simplified plan view, rather than cutting the wall, the entire wall disappears. Sometimes when the door is on the ground plane (flush with the bottom of the wall) it does not cut the wall, but moving it up off the ground plane enables the wallcutting function to work. This would be fine, I could just move the door a minimal distance in the z direction, however this results in extra lines in plan view that appear messy. Sometimes changing the layer that the door is on causes the wall geometry to corrupt (sometimes the wall disappears completely, sometimes one surface of the wall disappears). On a few occasions (usually when the door is a copy) the door will cut one surface of the wall but not the other. I have tried changing the cut depth and distance but this does not work. If I change the cut depth number of faces to 3 instead of 2 it will cut the wall on the other side of the room, but still not the wall on which the door is located. Trying to redraw the wall does not work. Replacing the door component with a new component seems to work, however, I prefer using copies of the same door because changing aspects of instances is much faster work flow than changing individual doors. If you have any suggestions to these bugs, please let me know!

I am also wondering about the open/close aspect of the doors, specifically in their relationship to scenes. I need the doors to be open in plan but closed in sections, elevations, and perspectives. Our typical workflow is to have an 'open' door in one layer and and a 'closed' door in another layer and to turn on/off the appropriate layer according to the scene. This might work with the flextools doors, however, trying to group these two doors (so that if one is moved or altered, the other is similarly affected) disables the wall cutting abilities. Do you have any thoughts on how to open/close doors in different scenes?


Re: WallCutter by FlexTools

Postby halroach » Wed Dec 12, 2018 1:12 pm

Hi there,

1. I think most of the issues you are encountering are related to the wall geometry not being in a component, so please make sure that the walls are in a component. Not in a group! And that the cutting components are placed outside of the wall component, and not on bear geometry.

If you need to convert a group, that already has wall cutters on it, follow the 3 step workflow of:
Remove Cuts > Convert the group to a component > Refresh.

You can read more about the various situations where you would need the 3 steps:
https://flextools.cc/learn/wall-cutter/ ... Operations

2. Make sure all the wall face normals are facing out, i.e. if you change the model's style to 'Monochrome' all white faces should face outwards ,and colored faces should face inwards.

3. It could be that because the wall was a group (If I'm not mistaken), some unwanted lines were created on the bottom of the wall. Those can interfere with punching the opening through when placing the door all the way on the bottom. If after converting to a component you still have issues with a specific wall, it could be some of the lines are divided and hard to find. Best to recreate the wall in that area and refresh the component so it punches a new opening.

When the wall is a component, it should work a lot better, without extra lines being left behind or other unexpected behaviors that you mentioned above of sometimes cutting and sometimes not.

If you still encounter issues, please send us the model and we'll gladly take a look.

4. Regarding having open doors on one layer and closed doors on another, I understand the benefit and we will try to integrate an option for that in future releases.

Currently, the solution is to select all the doors (you can also select components that contain doors, or select non-doors indiscriminately, or even select the entire model) and run the 'Open-Close' tool. It will open (or close) all the doors in one click.
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