Simple Walls and Roofs?

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Simple Walls and Roofs?

Postby Tegnebua » Mon Nov 21, 2022 6:52 pm

I'm needing smart wall and roof components for quick measurement (site surveys) and point cloud drawing of buildings.

-2d representation with "lines" who show different line texture depending at the structure of the walls (bricks, wood studs, gypsum, cladding). The line textures (2d walls) are linked to the "3D tags"

- the "3d" of the wall/roof create 3 tags (1.Exterior: cladding + air 1.Core: Bricks, wood studs/insulation, 3.Interior: gips/wood)

I know that we have Medeek and some other extensions but they have to much settings.

Since you have startet with fences, maybe the next can be simpel walls and roofs?

If you look at: they are thinking smart:
-you draw som line and rectangels and you can tell the property of the "faces" later.
-The same "thinking" is coming from the Sketchup team at the ipad app with LiveComponents, but they are to slow with the releases on this area.

I have som components I have created to day, but I hope you can create them smarter :-)


Re: Simple Walls and Roofs?

Postby halroach » Thu Dec 01, 2022 4:32 pm


Can you send some pictures/skps of example walls you've created?

Can you sent the components you've created so we can get an idea of how you imagine all of this?

If you cannot post here send to:

Thanks for the link to Modumate - very interesting.
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