Layer 0 + Animation not happening

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Layer 0 + Animation not happening

Postby camiloliveira » Thu Jul 16, 2020 7:38 am

Hi Everyone,

I am new with Fredo6 animator and (I guess) because of my lack of experience I spend more time fixing bugs than animating. (I am using Sketchup Pro2018 on a MacMojove OS. )

I don't understand why many times that I close the animator and go back to sketchup, many of the components have changed its original layer to Layer 0. That, when I go back to animator and I try to play, the commonest do not appear and move - so I need to exit to sketchup and manually change component by components to their original layer.... takes time, it's annoying and sometimes I try to go back to animator I get a bugsplat....anyone had/ Has the same problem? ways to fix this layer 0 prob?

Another problem is that I have a file which the animation there simply doesn't work anymore.... Because I find the plugin - or maybe is me - bit unstable, I end up saving new files with new names so I don't loose the previous work. In some of these cases the animation doesn't work. I move the animation cursor and nothing happens.. seems like animation is not there anymore even if all the movements are registered. Fixes?

Another situation that I had is that I saved a file with the animation and when I opened the file back again, many components had moved on their own and didn't match anymore with their original position.... I exit to sketchup, move them to their original position but when back to animator they come back to where animator thinks is right..... has a ming of it own. Fixes?

I am really impressed with the complexity and possibilities that the plugin can offer, but going through and fixing all these mistakes + all the bugsplats are taking 70% of my actually working time.... its nerve wracking!

Answers would be of enormous help.


Re: Layer 0 + Animation not happening

Postby fredo6 » Thu Jul 16, 2020 5:27 pm

Could you open the Ruby console before launching Animator, especially for the files where the animation does not work.

There may be errors there, wroth reporting.


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