Control Active Section Plane or Section Visibility?

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Control Active Section Plane or Section Visibility?

Postby greenfrog5x5 » Sun Mar 15, 2020 9:19 pm

I have not had success activating a section plane using Animator. It seems that the "save rendering style" is limited to the visual style itself (unlike Scenes in SU which preserves the active section plane, and whether section planes should "cut" or not). Animator appears to defer to whatever SU's setting is, without the ability to control it.

Am I missing something?



Re: Control Active Section Plane or Section Visibility?

Postby greenfrog5x5 » Sun Mar 15, 2020 9:55 pm

Update: After a bit more troubleshooting, I see that the Capture Rendering Style "mostly" works to activate/deactivate section cuts. I created a simple movie:
- Style1: Section cuts deactivated
- Style2: Section cuts activated
- Style3: Section cuts deactivated

Initially, if I stopped the movie during Style2 and jumped back to Style1, Style1 did not deactivate the section cuts properly. The only way to get them to deactivate was to go to Style3.

I then swapped the position of Style1 and Style3 which revealed that Style1 was not retaining the "start with section cuts deactivated" setting I had tried to save. It didn't work to deactivate section cuts after Style2. With Style1 positioned after Style2, I re-captured the "deactivated" style which appears to have resolved the issue, allowing the setting to be saved into Style1. Now Style1 and Style3 work in either position.

In further testing, I have had trouble reproducing the "first style fails to save deactivated section cuts." I created the original Style1 before saving any "activated section cuts." I wonder if now that this file has an "activated" section cut style, that future styles will properly save "start deactivated" unlike my initial behavior. I'll let you know if I figure anything else out.


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