linear and circular motions... at opposite ends!

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linear and circular motions... at opposite ends!

Postby headsmess » Wed Sep 26, 2018 5:32 am

okie dokie, and howdy my fellow...earthlings. and others not included under that generalisation...

right! i think my subject matter almost explains it.

say i am drawing an engine. piston, crankshaft cylinder, conrod.

now, ive only just installed animator, and so far ive had my crankshaft rotating! weeeeee!

so, i dare say i can get the piston to reciprocate.

but the conrod? now this is a challenge. i got it to rotate...i dont want it to rotate!

what i want is one end to perform translation, a linear move, and i guess the other end is doing a dual axis translation to create a rotation which isnt really a rotation at all. its a rotation in as much as the conrod must obviously change angle from side to side.

so, maybe i answered my own query by writing this down... its a translation, not a rotation!

anyway...has anyone tried this sort of animation? it seems fairly simple, but software. learning curves. maybe someone has done it and figured out the easy method for me?

ideally i would have the conrod pinned to the centre of the crankpin and gudgeon(wrist) pin so the rotating crank will drag the piston along and let me figure out my port timings...


Re: linear and circular motions... at opposite ends!

Postby fredo6 » Thu Sep 27, 2018 7:52 am


A picture or the model would help to understand.


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