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image file location

Postby blueman2 » Sat Sep 20, 2014 1:56 am

Using Sketchup 8 in a PC There is an image file in a TV screen component that I want to change in a Sketchup project. I found the name of the image (samsung.jpg) using the material editor. I did a search and cannot find this image anywhere. Can someone please tell me where to locate it



Re: image file location

Postby quantj » Sat Sep 20, 2014 4:09 am

I don't know where you can find the file of the custom texture. But if you need it the image, you can export your model as a 3d model, choose OBJ file type and in option choose to include texture maps. And then the export will give you a folder with all the textures in your file.


Re: image file location

Postby Jim » Sat Sep 20, 2014 9:31 am

Textures are embedded in the model but you have a couple options.

If you select an image editing app under Preferences > Applications, then you can right-click the material in the Material Browser and open it in your selected app right from SketchUp.

You could also right-click the material in the Material browser and select "Export Texture Image", and then edit it in an external app, then apply the editor material.

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