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Moving forward with Skatter

Postby jiminy-billy-bob » Thu Jul 20, 2017 6:53 pm

The last Skatter update was several months ago, so I thought I might give you guys some news on its current state.

I have started to work on Version 2 of Skatter, and it is taking me longer than I wish. There are many big features I want to add, but being that ambitious is time-costly. That is why I am partnering up with a good friend of mine, Merwan, to help me on the programming side. (He has a PhD in Computer Wizardry, so we should actually call him Dr Merwan!)

To give you an idea of what we want to do for V2, I have created a public roadmap, you can access it here:
Please keep in mind that what is stated there is not guaranteed. This roadmap only displays our intent, the final V2 release might miss some of these features, or contain others. Also I have only added important features, there are many little things that we will add or fix that do not appear in there.

Now, on a totally different topic. Many of you know Ronen Bekerman, and you probably also know that he’s been part of the Skatter Team since before the first release. Ronen approached me with the primary goal of helping me bring Skatter to you all, as fast as possible. And he did that Big time! He has been a great help in bringing Skatter to market, helping me with setting up the sales platform, marketing tools and campaigns, the helpdesk, etc. For all of this I want to give him a huge thank you!
But today, Ronen is leaving the Skatter Team to keep his focus on the many other things he's doing like the blog, his studio and his new podcast.
He won’t be far away though, as he will remain a reseller and affiliate of Skatter. You will continue to be able to buy Skatter from his online store, and we will have other collaborations around Skatter to announce. More on this topic later. ;)

Finally, the website recently got a complete overhaul:
It should now be easier to find the help resources, forums, etc. Please let me know if you think some things are missing, not intuitive or hard to find.

Stay tuned for more V2 news in the upcoming months!
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Re: Moving forward with Skatter

Postby Frederik » Thu Jul 20, 2017 8:18 pm

Great news...! :thumb:
Looking forward to see the future Skatter!
Kim Frederik
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Re: Moving forward with Skatter

Postby JQL » Thu Jul 20, 2017 8:44 pm


Having been here with you way before v1, I'm just thrilled for reading these lines. I hope you will grow skatter, as nicelly as you did before and I hope it is paying off, as you deserve it.

Congratulations and thank you,

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