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Re: Current news on 3d printing 2016

Postby dukejazz » Mon Jan 16, 2017 11:01 am

3D Printing Manufacturing, Business, Profit, selling, Dealers, Stores, Retails, Labs and Jobs
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A closer look at the 3D-printed Adidas 3D Runners. techcrunch|
"that launched earlier this year in limited quantity, the underlying tech on Adidas’ new"
3D-printed Adidas trainers go on sale. dezeen|
"the first time that Adidas shoes incorporating 3D-printing technology been available"
3D Printed Shoes: Here's Winning the Battle & Why. highsnobiety|
"the constraints of traditional manufacturing processes,” said Shane Kohatsu, Director color]
Aleph Objects, Inc. Adds Two New Materials Partners to LulzBot 3D Printi. 3dprint|
[color=#008000]"to support over 30 materials continuing trend of adding new materials"

3D Printing of Manufactured Goods: An Updated Analysis. jdsupra|
"that impact use of 3D printing, and this white paper explores many of the most chall"
State Of 3D Software: Interview With PTC CEO Jim Heppelmann. forbes|
"to create, invent, and produce on a level that unprecedented"
HS HI-TECH and Z3DLAB launch joint venture to open $2.5M ind. 3ders|
"the new additive manufacturing center combine Z3DLAB and HS HI-TECH’s expertise and i"
Concept Laser align with ADAPT to accelerate 3D-printed metals. tctmagazine|
"as seek to advance the certification and qualification of metal in 3D printing.“"

Metal Ring Is Made Through 3D Printing Using An"I Love You". psfk|
"a metal ring that depicts a three-second-long voice message available"
3D printer control panel. hackaday|
"the biggest feature — a touch screen — makes headless printing easy"
Z3DLAB Signs Joint Venture with Semiconductor Expert HS HI-TECH to Make. 3dprint|
"with a Korean company – earlier this summer, teamed up with InssTek"
Xaar Expands Its 3D Business With New Xaar 3D Center and Team. piworld|
"The expansion of Xaar’s 3D business a key part of the Company’s 2020 strategic vision"
Portland-BASED PVS In-Store Graphics Takes Leap in Commercial Printing. yahoo|
"the creation of the most theatrical brand experiences in cities across the globe"
3 Things HP Inc Management Wants You to Know -- The Motley Fool. fool|
"to be one of the market leaders, if not the market leader. And with a price tag starting"
RAMLAB Opens at RDM Rotterdam. globaltrademag|
"to printing in metal, 3D designs, and certification. The official opening took place"
Many Manufacturing Processes – One Instant Quote > engineering|
"that’s capable of delivering the accuracy and repeatability demanded by the design"
News| Tech| Edmonton Sun. edmontonsun|
"by embracing advanced technology — everything from helpful robots to interactive mirror"
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Re: Current news on 3d printing 2016

Postby dukejazz » Mon Jan 16, 2017 11:07 am

3D Printing Expo, Q&A, Talk, Shows, Announcements, Events, Forum, Magazine, Press
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Global Aerospace 3D Printing Market 2016-2020 with Airbus, Boeing, GE, H. globenewswire|
"of aircraft components and subsystems that manufactured 3D printing technology"
Interview with orthopaedic surgeon & 3DP enthusiast Dr. Bruno Gobbato. 3dprintingindustry|
"for custom 3D printed surgical aids, and making pins out of medical grade PEKK and metals"
Keynote speakers for AMUG 2017 announced. 3dprintingindustry|
"for the entertainment industry, and worked on films such as Avatar and Katy Perry’s"
America Makes and ANSI Release Preliminary Final Draft of Additive Manuf. 3dprint|
"to review the document among themselves before it released to the public earlier"
DICOM Standards Committee launches working group to address 3D printing. healthimaging|
"in the world"said WG-17 Co-Chair, Allan Noordvyk, Executive Director of Research"
What are Canon UK’s 3D printing predictions for 2017. manufacturingglobal|
"to use software packages which aid the data capture for both beginners and seasoned
Frontier Tech Showdown: Obsess and ILLUSIO Imaging Both Take Honors. 3dprint|
"of Qualcomm Ventures; and Kate McAndrew of Bolt. Each entrant, as ever, allowed a five"

3D Printing Dental Device Market with Current Trends Analysis, 2016-2026. satprnews|
"as crowns, surgical instruments, and even other external equipment"
New Market Study On The United States 3D Printing Healthcare Industry. medgadget|
"of Materials cost structures also analyzed. This report also states import/export con"
State Of 3D Software: Interview With Dassault Systemes' SOLIDWORKS CEO G. forbes|
"to hear about the State of 3D Software and sat in the audience"
3D Printing Materials And Services Market Grow At CAGR Of 40.24% Forecas. 24hoursport|
"in varieties like plastic, metal, ceramic etc. to offer raw material solutions to various"
Additive Manufacturing Users Group announces keynote speakers for 2017. tctmagazine|
"from Stacey DelVecchio, Jason Lopes and Todd Grimm when the event arrives in Chicago"
Macro 3D Printing Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2016. digitaljournal|
"in each dimension. Thus, with the increasing adoption of industrial automation"
Global Aerospace 3D Printing Market to Grow at a CAGR of 55.85% During. digitaljournal|
"of the components, which would not be possible with traditional manufacturing methods"
TCT Show hits record attendance and positions itself for further growth. tctmagazine|
"with 20% of the 8,000+ attendees arriving from more than 40 countries to see 250 exhibitin"
Future Of Work: Four Supply Chain Careers For 2025. forbes|
"in the 1970s before banking ATMs introduced, there about 250,000 bank tellers"
3D Bioprinted Organ Transplants Market Is Expected To Generate Huge Prof. satprnews|
"of the 3D bioprinted organ transplants market to eventually create fully functional"
Technology Trends 2016. investingnews|
"to an eMarketer survey. This the highest percentage of all regions surveyed.3D"
China Nano Metal Powder Industry Report, 2016-2020. prnewswire|
"on by high technical requirements onnano metal powder"
Frontier Tech Showdown: Obsess and ILLUSIO Imaging Both Take Honors. 3dprint|
"to system, with the script almost in plain English to simply write up a manufacturing plan"
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Re: Current news on 3d printing 2016

Postby dukejazz » Mon Jan 16, 2017 11:08 am


Current News On 3D Printing :: 2015 :: WEB Expo Business News Auto Architectual STEM WEB
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Sliced: 3D printing digest including Louis Vuitton and 3D printed Star. 3dprintingindustry|
"in completing the project. OMUS director, Robert Grosso, explained the benefit of"
Gambody Reveals Surprise 3D Printed AT-AT Walker in Time for “Rogue One”. 3dprint|
"the Galactic Empire’s legendary and massive combat vehicle, the All-Terrain Armore"
Using 3D Printer Technology to Represent Survey Information. international|
"for coloured prints found the best formats to use to be VRML and X3D, whilst"

3D printing prospects. theintelligencer|
"as college visits, and enroll in special topics courses. SWIC received a more than $600,00"
Design Company HUSH Creates Web-Based Tool ‘TopoTopo,’ Users Can Create. 3dprint|
"that possible with new web-based tool, TopoTopo: it lets enter a location and c"
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Re: Current news on 3d printing 2016

Postby GD3Design » Thu Mar 01, 2018 6:39 pm

Hey yall,
I'm hoping that some of you with real experience can give me some advice..(and save me from reading all 36 pages of this thread and countless hours of google research.) :)

I'm looking to get into 3D printing. We're an arch viz firm and will be doing all architecture, mainly residences. Thinking probably start off on the cheaper side, until we get our teeth sharpened and become more knowledgeable the tech and about what our needs are. I kind of envision us 'popping out' a basic exterior model for every project, and offering upgrades for removable roofing & floorplan/walls. Maybe being able to paint colors/texture one...?

But I'm getting ahead of myself... Right now, looking for advice on getting the foot in the door, entry level - best for basic architecture models, but large enough bed so the client can see the model without needing glasses, also what medium is recommended, etc. Definitely open to DIY kits..they look fun. :)

To be clear, I'm not looking for anyone to enlighten on what 'google searching' is...I'm familiar, thanks. ;p Just checking to see if I can get some advice from withing our sketchucation community from people that actually have experience. My research so far just seems to confuse me many choices, so many opinions, and not a lot of advice geared straight towards producing arch models.


(sorry for any crazy misspellings and omitted words...I'm horribly dyslexic(for real) and don't have time required to proofread my crazy writing at the moment...) :)
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Re: Current news on 3d printing 2016

Postby GD3Design » Fri Mar 02, 2018 3:24 pm

I apologize, I didn't mean to hijack - accidentally posted in your thread. I was hoping the moderator could delete this post or start it as a new thread....
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