A 3D "Spacer" to fill gap between shower wall and downspout?

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A 3D "Spacer" to fill gap between shower wall and downspout?

Postby JClements » Mon May 01, 2023 5:52 pm

I have a downspout/shower diverter which cannot be installed flush to my fiberglass shower wall; the existing water feed line cannot be repaired/resoldered without damaging the fiberglass.

I have used caulking to fill the gap but it isn't a good solution as it is flimsy, collects mildew, cannot be cleaned, looks bad, and often must be removed and reapplied.

My thought for a solution would be a 3D-spacer that would slide down over the end of the water feed line and against the shower wall. Then apply a thin layer of caulk along the parameter of the 3D spacer which could easily be maintained.

I am wondering if there is a printing material for 3D-printing that might work?
How much might this prototype cost?

I have drawn a prototype to TEST the THICKNESS of a spacer (cannot be too tight as the water feed line is not perpendicular or plumb to the shower wall and I want to avoid putting unnecessary stress on the feed line).

Attached is drawing for the ProType (SU2013 format) and that might be useful.

The last two scenes show "locking tap" which might help keep the spacer aligned but wouldn't be necessary for a prototype.

Also attached is a drawing showing how a spacer would be positioned onto the water feed line.
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