Importing models with maps

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Importing models with maps

Postby yourpasswordis » Mon May 15, 2017 9:38 pm

I'm hoping to import models from some of the many model libraries (VizPark, AXYZ, CGtrader) to be used as Thea proxies in Sketchup. Most of these libraries offer a variety formats (.OBJ, .3DS) which include maps.

Ideally I'd like to download models and have Thea Thea studio load an object's maps as diffuse materials, but I do not think this is possible. To render a model with diffuse materials I could open each model in Thea studio and map every texture, but with a typical render project requiring dozens of proxies this would eat up a day's worth of time mapping materials.

I had a though this morning and I'm wondering if it's possible. Can a proxy be created in Thea for 3DS and be placed into a Sketchup model? From what I understand the proxies are made up of geometry that might actually not be loadable in different applications.

Some insights on this subject would be helpful. I'm considering downloading a trial of 3DS for this purpose.
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Re: Importing models with maps

Postby JQL » Mon May 15, 2017 10:28 pm

As long as the proxy created in thea for max works inside thea studio, it will work in whatever thea integration available that supports thea proxies.

The only condition is that it's saved as a mod.thea file.
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