Material Replacer error when using Thea for Sketchup

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Material Replacer error when using Thea for Sketchup

Postby MrMitchell » Fri Aug 01, 2014 7:16 pm

I have been exploring the Thea for Sketchup latest build on my Mac at work using SketchupPro2014 and was just playing around with the Thea Materials and Material Replacer this morning and think I have run into a serious problem.

I had just added some of the default materials from the Thea library to the sketchup material library and had applied them to some of the components I had been working with earlier.

I had applied the materials to the whole components instead of the faces of the components on some, while going inside of the components and adding the materials directly to the faces of the objects on others.

I then drew a rectangular plane next to the models to pull the default material color from.

Next I successfully used the material replacer to replace the materials applied to the components as a whole from their Thea Material (which was one of the default wood materials) back to the default white/blue sketchup material from the rectangular plane I was pulling from.

However when I attempted to replace the materials inside of the components where the faces had been directly painted (using the example 01.mat.thea inside the displacement folder in the Thea Material Library) sketchup hung up.

I force quit the program expecting to simply reopen the file, or at least even an earlier version of the file, but to no avail. All I get now when trying to open the file is this error message

I even used Time Machine, which pulled versions of the files created earlier... same problem... Could you please shed some light as to how this problem could have occurred, or how I might be able to recover my files?

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Re: Material Replacer error when using Thea for Sketchup

Postby tomasz » Sun Aug 03, 2014 7:29 pm

Copy form an e-mail you have received through "Thea for SketchUp" support.

It is not physically possible Thea could affect in any way your files restored from TimeMachine.

There was a bug in SketchUp versions prior to 2014 in EntitiesObserver, which was casing crashes when a SKM material with an attribute was being used. 'Thea for SketchUp' is not even using it and it was fixed by Trimble in SU2014.

The corruption of the original file could only happen if SketchUp was saving it right when you was painting components. This doesn't happen without user's request.

We suspect that files are all fine. Most probably SketchUp itself got somehow "tricked". Can you try opening them on other machine or even after restarting your own? If this doesn't help you will have to contact SketchUp support.

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