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Thea Render v1.3.06 Revision 1115

Postby Frederik » Tue Jun 24, 2014 3:47 pm

Giannis wrote:Dear friends,

once more we have a major update for you, although we have changed just the minor index (from 1.3.05 to 1.3.06). We have made a big effort for this update and it turned out to be a huge one! The silence of the past weeks was due to the simultaneous push both in this update as well as in the v1.4 (still very young edition, not to be expected soon, but we are working on it).

In this Update
- The overall speed and interactiveness of Presto has been improved. The improvements are visible in Studio as well as in all integrated plugins.

- Several bug fixes making this build the more complete than ever (as expected of course). :)

- We have changed the logic of Presto AO, where diffuse interreflection is computed now through multiple diffuse bounces and not mixed with ambient occlusion. The difference with respect to previous version is evident once you start increasing diffuse depth (1 and beyond); results with the new version are much more intuitive.

- We have also a new feature supported now by Presto, that is front & camera mapping. This means that Presto supports now all texture projection modes (finally!).

- From our tests on Macs, the new version has a much more fluid Viewport but this may depend on your system setup.

- And of course, 3DConnexion mouse is supported now inside Thea Studio on MacOSX, as it should!

I want to say here to people that criticize us on the missing features of Presto the following: Presto is all about speed and we are not adding features lightly. Every new feature has to be added with a lot of care, benchmarking and comparisons, so as we are sure that we do not break the performance of the engine. It would have been too easy to just "code" the features inside Presto without thinking about it too much. ;)

The download links for the new version can be found in this licensed user thread, the integrated plugin versions are on the way (today or in the next days, depending on the plugin):
Go To Downloads

As always, enjoy rendering!

Best wishes
Kim Frederik
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Thea Render Support
Thea Render Support

Re: Thea Render v1.3.06 Revision 1115

Postby notareal » Tue Jun 24, 2014 4:41 pm

Welcome to try Thea Render, Thea support | -team member

Thea Render Support
Thea Render Support

Re: Thea Render v1.3.06 Revision 1115

Postby tomasz » Wed Jun 25, 2014 12:41 pm

Dear friends,

We have just released publicly the most recent version of 'Thea for SketchUp' which includes the 'Interactive Rendering Overlay' and 'Interactive Region Render'. Our demo version will let you see how Thea is performing on your machine.

The Interactive Region Rendering will help you work on a particular detail in your SketchUp model. This doesn't require that much power and works well even with CPU only. One can mark the region with TheaTool active when shift key is being pressed.

As shown the trailer SU model is updated interactively in Rendering Window or directly in your SketchUp view. You can modify objects, lights and materials. All those changes will be reflected in the rendering.

All this combined with recent Presto speed improvements gives you an opportunity to see rendering inside SketchUp from a new perspective. Maybe even SketchUp itself. :)

On Mac there is a conflict with 'Vray for SketchUp' installation. We didn't want to see this as stumbling block before providing the update. If you experience a crash after installing Thea4SU, remove Vray installation temporarily, please.

Best wishes

SU2TH & SU2KT Developer

Re: Thea Render v1.3.06 Revision 1115

Postby Mistro11 » Wed Jun 25, 2014 3:01 pm

I tried this new build last night. It's surreal working on a model/render. It's just not right :shock: ......My sketchup is turned out a fantastic way. :D

Thank You Thea Team!
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