Planet Atmosphere in Thea 1/2 SOLVED How to make it falloff?

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Planet Atmosphere in Thea 1/2 SOLVED How to make it falloff?

Postby Sorceress 21 » Mon Oct 19, 2020 10:13 pm

So I found a way to make an atmosphere effect in Thea Studio. I used a 2nd sphere for the atmosphere, assigned Thin Glass (Thickness 0.0) to the surface then used Medium to create the haze effect within the spehere giving the planet an atmosphere.

I'm happy with the results except for one thing: Using this method, thus far, doesn't seem to present a way to get the medium (fog) to fade up from the surface. I assume this is because the sphere acts a container and the sunlight coming into the sphere is lighting the upper side of it first.

I tried using "Assymetry" in a negative number which does seem to reverse the direction of the light but there's no attenuation in the haze.

In the newest version of Thea (I'm using the standalone Thea Studio" does the new fog settings allow for the fog height above base material to be adjusted?

Any other ideas would be appreciated. I've almost got this challenge licked. If I could just get the fade out this would be a major win.

Here is what it SHOULD look like to be more realitic:

IN my model, I've been able to get the haze and the "halo" but not falloff with altitude as you see here:

If you open the image and take a close look you see the "halo" band is a uniform density. I'm looking for a way to make it attenuate.

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