[Inquiry] Sketchup Animation color output control

[Inquiry] Sketchup Animation color output control

Postby onzki » Thu Dec 08, 2016 3:27 am

Hi guys,
Anybody here familiar on using Sketchup for animation? I am new to this feature and I noticed a difference in animation rendering output as follows:

1. Dell Xeon workstation+Quadro 4000 = appeared more accentuated on red/ orange colors, but lacks dynamic overall color range overall (a bit dull pastel-like, my green trees appeared more olive looking, but orange leaf maple tree appeared overly saturated orange). Very smooth animation

2. Dell Alienware+dual GTX 980 = color output as seen on screen. But unstable and bit jumpy in some parts (as if choking, so unexpected from this $$$dollar machine).

Does anyone know how to control the color saturation output? Is it controled by graphics card? I appreciate your comments, thanks!

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