[Plugin] SJ Batch Export Scenes To Thumbnails

[Plugin] SJ Batch Export Scenes To Thumbnails

Postby simjoubert » Wed Jul 20, 2022 2:18 pm

Hello, (I'm not sure I'm in the right place!)

I want to share with you my SJ Batch Export Scenes To Thumbnails plugin.

SJ Batch Export Scenes To Thumbnails is a plugin for Sketchup.

The plugin allows to batch export the scenes of the model in JPG, PNG, TIF or BMP images, in a subfolder "Export_Scenes" of a folder bearing the same name as the model.

The name of the folder is purged of all accented characters. Spaces and other characters are substituted with underscores.
The name of the scenes which serves as a basis for exporting thumbnails is also cleaned up.
The plugin allows you to optionally add a prefix and a suffix to filenames.
This is useful when you want to export several variants according to different export parameters.

You can configure the dimensions of the generated images, with or without proportion constraints (Window, square, 4/3, 16/9, free).
You can enable PNG transparency, antialiasing and compression rate for JPG outputs.

The dialog uses Bootrap, Modus and JavaScript.
A progress box allows you to follow the export.

The plugin is translated according to the language of Sketchup in French or English.

The plugin is free, the code is not encrypted and commented in French to help French Ruby beginners.

You can download the plugin :

Thank you for your feedback

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PluginStore Author
PluginStore Author

Re: [Plugin] SJ Batch Export Scenes To Thumbnails

Postby judedouch » Mon Aug 08, 2022 3:40 pm

Hi Simon,

Nice & Useful plugin.
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