[Plugin] SCP

[Plugin] SCP

Postby azuby » Sat Feb 02, 2008 7:12 pm

SCP - Sketchup Community Plugin...

... adds this forum (and some other useful ressources) to your Sketchup application with the help of WebDialogs. You also have an update mechanism for the ressource urls and can add own urls locally. You can provide url lists online and share them with other users.

At Sketchup startup you will notice some tiny windows - these are the update windows retrieving urls for the plugin. The plugin acutal has English and German language support. If you need another language, create your own language file (and pleas share it).

Get it here: http://www.errorinitus.de/ > Software > SCP

An idea on what this plugin could be used: Maybe there is a really cool Sketchup web chat with a live tutorial. Or user help. Than you can add it to your favorites (or manually type the url) and have it accessible from within Sketchup. You do not need to switch from Browser to Sketchup and back.

It is meant to be a community plugin, as its name implies. I will try to write a more user friendly plugin documentation besides the documentation created with RDoc.

error initus :: Blocks | CurrentDate | d/Code | extensionmanager | FFlipper | HideEdges | MeasuredArea | ModelHistory* | PluginsHelp | PronButton | SAWSO | SCP | SU²CATT

Bad English? PM me, correct me. :)


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