[Plugin] FFlipper 6.4

[Plugin] FFlipper 6.4

Postby azuby » Sat Jan 26, 2008 8:13 pm

Update for FFlipper after some errors in Sketchup versions up from 6.1 ...

You have the choice to proceed components after they are exploded. Or not. Nested groups stay nested groups, they do not need to be exploded for FFlipper.

langhandler.rb isn't needed any longer, but the plugin still is multilingual - German and English at the moment, but feel free to create new language files.

Download: http://www.errorinitus.de/ > Software > FFlipper

error initus :: Blocks | CurrentDate | d/Code | extensionmanager | FFlipper | HideEdges | MeasuredArea | ModelHistory* | PluginsHelp | PronButton | SAWSO | SCP | SU²CATT

Bad English? PM me, correct me. :)


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