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Postby Tax » Sun Nov 27, 2022 6:31 am

No problem :) hope u enjoy.

Why all in one:

1- Practicality for dev(me) - Easier to code and update since each extension requires:
- 1 loader file;
- 1 menus/core file;
- + dependencies;
- + feature development files.
Putting all together means I have to do it only once.

2- Practicality for users - Easier to distribuite:
Multiple extensions shares the same dependecies, if its separate theres 2 options:
a) you ship the dependencies on every extension. (increasced size, error chance and harder to update)
b) you make the dependencies as separate extension (such as Freedo's library), so user now have to download at least 2 files.
All in one means the dependencies will be managed and downloaded only once, on same file.
Also, it makes easier for people to know about my work.

3- I see it as a suite of tools.
Imagine having to download SU tools one by one by your choice.

4- It all weights less than 1mb, then whats the problem?
just use the tools you need and leave the rest aside.
As example, you may never use SU sandbox tool, but it ships together.

Thanks for using it,
Cya :-P
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