VRay 4.2 - Problem with API (for Animator)

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VRay 4.2 - Problem with API (for Animator)

Postby fredo6 » Sun Jun 28, 2020 9:13 pm

Animator integrates VRay in the list of supported rendering software for generating the video of an animation.

Since at least VRay Next 4.2, the interfacing with the VRay API has got an issue: it does not takes into account the object movements (but it does for camera).

This used to work fine with v3.4.

Is there in this forum anyone familiar with the VRay API?

Animator basically computes the position of objects and of the camera, and then calls VRay for rendering each frame individually. The reset of the environment between each frame is done with VRay::clear_renderer, which apparently does not force any longer VRay to pick the new position of objects.

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