V-Ray 2.0 No Light in rendering

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V-Ray 2.0 No Light in rendering

Postby hiro80 » Thu Dec 19, 2019 3:00 am

newbie question but,

I'm on SU2016 and Vray2.0(Yes, old version cuz I need fisheye cam feature of VRay2.0)
and totally noob with all this 3d application thing.

I wanted the rendering 100% black and white output with toon-like, constant and regular, fine outline
(not for blueprint kind or architectural presentation, just for some illustration source),
and was doing little trying some values and options(like toon material threshold or
GI setting). while doing that, I came to this.

can't figure out the culprit but i guess it may not be VRay's matter cuz i've tried to
revert all values and setting of Vray to default but things are same. so I think what
im doing wrong is about SU, but not sure. already attempted to change shadow value or
Vray light type, angle, size but no effect.

What should I do to fix this?
(English is not my native language so I wonder I explined it properly)


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