Interesting challenge....cut crystal + color

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Interesting challenge....cut crystal + color

Postby vizslakeeper » Sat Feb 23, 2019 10:36 pm

TIA for any thoughts that you might have!

I'm running Vray 3.6 w SU Pro 2017 on a PC built for the task...

My challenge is that I've been asked to render an art piece, that is cut crystal with a mix of curves and facets. I can't post my model (NDA) but have attached a photo to give an idea of the goal; the color visible at the top edge is a reflection from the color at the base...

For my project, the lowest 1/8" of this 14" tall piece is to be blue, and the goal is to show how the facets and curves pick up the blue from the base and create accents, in the case of this piece, near the curved top of the item.

I've been working on modifying materials, and trying to figure out how to make this best work...
My best crystal result for the clear portion is a single sided object for which I've used a modified version of Vray's crystal (made double sided...I can run you thru my settings if that would help) - but, at certain angles, the blue at the base is totally blocked by the sides, and no blue is brought up into the model.

For the blue, I have also tried several things, with the best result being a blue 'glass' triangle (the base of my object is triangular), pulled to 1/8" thick, scaled to fit inside the main shape. I then set a 'dished' out area in the middle to help reflect light in more directions than simply straight back up.

Next, I tried to make a double layered object, just about 1/16" between the layers, and with the faces aligned the right way (as when modeling a wine glass), grabbed my modified crystal texture, made a single sided version, and tested both the single and double sided material in the models. I was hoping that having the more reflective side 'out' in a 'hollow' model would help, but... I can see the inner layer, and still not picking up the blues right.

There has to be an easier way, or, even, a way, to pull this off.

Has anyone been successful with something like this?
Or, have any other ideas for me?

Thanks again !


Re: Interesting challenge....cut crystal + color

Postby majid » Sun Mar 10, 2019 10:55 am

I think it is fairly possible to do it using layered glass material composed of two layers:
1 clear glass layer masked over a frosted glass layer using the design on the piece.
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