Help with render! (vray)

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Help with render! (vray)

Postby joaorsmello » Wed May 06, 2009 3:34 pm

Hello guys!

Im glad to have this forum to come to whenever I find myself lost in sketchup. For that I am thanfull to all of you!
This time I had another problem with v-ray that I wanted to ask here.

While doing a realy simple and fast rendering at work; something simple that shouldnt take more than half an hour with modeling, I came to a point where I dont know what to do.
After modeling a small room, I simply colored it with the paint tool in sketchup. As the room is basically white with some pink details, I didnt want to work on textures in vray at all, but just "click" render. But the result was a surprise. The imagem got generally pink because of those little pink details here and there.

Do you guys know what to to in this situation? How can i quickly set up the render doing it so to avoid that the color of such small details get to the "air" of my image? How can I preserve the real color or stuff in small spaces (at this case with only one opening) not letting other colors interfere?

thanks for your attention guys; and sorry for the english!

Joao rsm.


Re: Help with render! (vray)

Postby thomthom » Wed May 06, 2009 7:32 pm

Can you post an image of your render?
Also info on what V-Ray for Sketchup version you use as well as settings?
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