batch render - Export all scenes before render VR 4.20.01

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batch render - Export all scenes before render VR 4.20.01

Postby monkers » Fri Jun 26, 2020 6:57 am

Hi Guys,

Since updating to VR next 4.20.01 I have found that the batch render exports all the scenes before rendering. Call me old fashioned but i like the old way. That way I could watch the first render and make sure things were gravy before I Left it overnight etc.

Am I missing something is there a reason for doing this and is there a way to change it back?


Re: batch render - Export all scenes before render VR 4.20.0

Postby S1919 » Sun Jun 28, 2020 10:43 am

What is different now, because I can select all the scnes I want, click batch render and then V-ray starts to export all the scenes (does not take long) and then starts renderingen the first scene. You can see the result in the V-ray window or as soon the first render is ready, you can open the file in file explorer, at the location you have choosen in the settings.


Re: batch render - Export all scenes before render VR 4.20.0

Postby monkers » Tue Jun 30, 2020 2:30 am

S1919 wrote: does not take long

That's pretty subjective. Your scenes might not take long to export as a vrscene file but some of my large ones can take close to 10 mins each. On a batch render of 20-30 scenes. That is 5 hours or so. in my case with a swarm of 150 cores and 10xRTX2080ti the actual render takes no time. The bottleneck is all in the VRscene processing. - Any tips or tricks on how to speed that up would be much appreciated.

This is even on a spanking new system build.
i9-9960x 16c
256 DDR4
NVME WD black
Quadro RTX 6000
10GBps backbone to a synology flashstation NAS

I would prefer it to compile and render each scene on by one like it did in previous versions. This also means that if for some reason on an unattended render it cuts out I'll have the completed renders upto that point. Amongst other reasons...

Just seems like a why fix it if it's not broke kinda scenario because I have not managed to find any info on why it was changed.


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