Matching a Photo Perspective with a Photo

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Matching a Photo Perspective with a Photo

Postby Ruan19972 » Thu Mar 12, 2020 6:34 am

Hi Guys!

I'm having a little bit of a tough time finding resources on how to do this, and it feels like I might be missing something quite simple here. I've been a long time user of Sketchup, and personally think I am pretty well versed in using the software, so this is frustrating me quite a bit.

I have recently gotten more into rendering, and for the most part I'm doing rather well. I am just having a tough time, while using the Safe Frame in V-Ray to match the perspective of a photo I might want to replicate.

To avoid confusion, I'm not talking about the photo match tool that sketchup has already, but rather adjusting the viewport to match an image's perspective I have. For instance the photo I am trying to replicate is a 1:1 aspect ratio image, so one would think that getting the FOV right would be a slight bit easier, but that does't seem to be the case. With my FOV at 80 I can get a very similar image, but in the image the Roof and floor does not seem to extend as far as in mine, making it look rather strange. I am wondering if this image was then taken in a portrait format, and cropped afterwards. Either way, I was wondering if there is a plugin or extension that allows you to try and match the camera viewport with an existing image. Almost like the photo match tool, but instead of geometry, for the viewport.

I'll attach the photo to give a better reference.

Also if I am missing anything simple, please feel free to tell me, so I can stop breaking my head with this.

Thanks for any feedback!

Ruan. :D


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