Vray File Paths & Embedded Textures

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Vray File Paths & Embedded Textures

Postby jimminy » Fri Jul 12, 2019 11:21 pm

I'm always dealing with missing textures when using Vray. I've got some workarounds but I guess I'm getting tired of the process. Here's the issue.

The convenient thing about SU is the embedded textures and you never really lose them. VR extracts embedded SU material textures and stores them in a temp folder when only the embedded texture image file is available (shown in yellow). It's possible to us the VR path editor to figure out which textures are MIA (red). There's a way to unembed them into another temp folder to point VR to them. But then these textures are all over the place. There are then yet more ways (export Collada) to get the textures all into one folder, but I don't see a way to get VR to relink all of it's textures to this path. You can do it one by one, but that's a lot of clicking.

My question is how to more simply get all the textures embedded in the SU file into one folder and then get VR to path to this folder. Or even to look for the texture there if it can't find them elsewhere.


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