DC Erratic scaling behaviour

DC Erratic scaling behaviour

Postby xtiandusud » Mon Mar 21, 2022 3:43 am

I'm dealing since meses with erratic behaviour of DC. I'ts hard to explain because it's not regular, and I've yet ask for this problem en december. Anssi told me about a Trimble bug when working en decimal centimetros that suddenly turns internally en inches. Really i feel desperate because there is no way to avance in my work: To resume, if i create a DC that contains 2 elements that i need to hide one or the other, it works still i put a button inside that send ON CLICK to change the value of the variable that hide or unhide one of the sub component.
Suddenly the component begin to change (scale X or Y or Z or both) alone, a little boit every time i click.
And finish to turn so big that the file crash. and there is no Ctrl-Z that works.
The same happend when I use the options menu to let the user to choose a value for the variable. It works, but if i make a new component that contains two, respecting the correct way (parent!XXX) to invoke the changes of variable, the same happens.
I'tried everithing, explode and rebuilt from scratch. NO WAY.
I put a file (DC BUG ERRATIC SCALE) from SKETCHUP 2021, whith 3 steps of the construction
(1): just the 2 originals DC
(2): the 2 same DC (made uniques)DC in one DC whith menu to change values
(3): the same DC that (2), just changing the origin and with a buton with ONCLIC.
Please just try to clic on (2) and (3), and let me know what happens, even if it's work (maybe it's my system -windows10,GPU QuadroRTX-Sketchup2021).
Thank's to anyone that can help me.
Christian Godard, Arquitect, Chile.

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Re: DC Erratic scaling behaviour

Postby pcmoor » Tue Mar 22, 2022 5:25 am

groups when used as DCs, can retain connections when copied, they do not automatically become unique. plus scaling can easily become out of sync. The build is in sync if there is no mix of scaled and unscaled items.


to fix, remove the copies
you could explode the group then regroup it (thus the new group will not be scaled)
you could convert the group to a component then "scale definition", from right click menu

I believe the DC part of this design choice should be components. So method 2. and a rebuild


Re: DC Erratic scaling behaviour

Postby xtiandusud » Tue Mar 22, 2022 6:22 pm

Thank's a LOT Pcmoor. This a great help for me. I feel more "normal" and not so alone... I will take method 2. So if I understood well, I must rebuilt everything... No "magic" trick to eliminate old scaling of groups, and let the geometry like it appears without this "memory". Groups keep "memory" although one make them unique...!
As there is no mirror copy, the only way i found is to apply a scale -1 in X or Y axe.
In my project, i have a lot of components that are symmetricals and I've build all my models using this scale -1, without knowing this little "detail"...
Last, When you say groups "CAN" retain, and "scaling can easily become out of sync", is it unpredictable? or is there any ley, here? Sorry to insist, but i really like to understand and avoid future problems!!!
Really very grateful for your support and help.

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