simple dynamic windows, doors, skylights etc

simple dynamic windows, doors, skylights etc

Postby bsfranza » Sat Nov 16, 2019 3:42 pm

hi there,

i working on some custom dynamic components. mostly its for windows doors etc. to open and close them..

now im running into two issues...

number 1
im trying to create a hinged roof window, velux kind of thing...

simple setup -> a frame and a wing.. and the wing is supposed to open in specific degrees like 10, 20, 30 etc...

now the only way to have it open in the wanted direction was this "workaround", see screenshot...

first i was trying to move around the groups and components axies but this was only messing up stuff..
the dc was only respecting the new axies position but not the direction of the axies..


number 2
what needs to be done so if i copy the component, it does not get "unique" when clicked/animated ..?! this makes almost no sense as it negates all the positive aspects of components in the first place :)

i hope someone can help me

thanks and all the best, franz


Re: simple dynamic windows, doors, skylights etc

Postby pcmoor » Sun Nov 17, 2019 12:04 am

Hi Franz,

DCs involving more than one level will become unique if internal sizes or positions are changed, its unusual for animation to trigger this, unless the operation changes the original size or position of a part. So please upload the DC so can offer some explanation or solution.

Rather than relying on the definition name, I suggest using the instance name to document your project.



Simplification using ruby scripts is another approach, also consider some developed ruby solutions like FlexTools extension


Re: simple dynamic windows, doors, skylights etc

Postby bsfranza » Tue Nov 26, 2019 3:48 pm

hi there,

sorry for the late reply.

check my examples and my corresponding questions to them

1. the house dc... > how can i protect the "hidden" geometry necessary for it to funktion? i use plugins like ccleaner alot .. some option to protect stuff inside dcs would be welcome :)

2. the skylights.. how can i add a secondary rotation function for the wing? and how to switch between the or cycle through them?

3. the door... works as expected but when placing them i flip and scalethem with -1 alot.. then things start to "brake"

im trying to get my head around this stuff .. simple things can be done quick and easy but once 2-3 parameters and "constraints" are introduced dcs are kind of messed up :)

i hope someone has the time and patience to guide me along a bit...

best, franz


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