Copied Components do not change dynamically

Copied Components do not change dynamically

Postby jkoll66 » Tue Aug 07, 2018 2:46 pm

Hello all, I have a piece of conveyor used to divert boxes off of the main line. I have a group of wheels set up as components. The issue I have is if I change the width to anything larger than 18" and then change the divert direction the copied wheels do not change position. Although, it does appear that they do rotate correctly. If I then change the width back to 18" and then to a larger width they copy fine. How can I get them to change position correctly when resizing? Please see attached file. Thanks in advance.


Re: Copied Components do not change dynamically

Postby bthomas3 » Tue Aug 14, 2018 7:40 pm

Your main issue here is that you have the wheels changing direction by "mirroring" the cluster/row (of 3 wheels) across it's origin by using a negative length and sliding it over (offsetting). While clever, the wheels' positions aren't fixed, so they seem like they're getting it when they really don't know where to be. There may be a way to effectively use negative length for a component (I avoid it), but I'd suggest keeping it simple while you better your grasp the nuances of DCs.

Simplest solution: Add your position to each wheel (or set 1 with 2 copies) and add RotZ=parent!divert_direction. For the wheel group, add a Divert_Direction attribute (=parent!Divert_Direction) so you now have a pass-through attribute from the model to the wheels.

You'll probably also have to modify your position X if/then statement to account for the removed negative length formula


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