Component controls in upper component

Component controls in upper component

Postby AijAij » Thu Nov 24, 2016 3:21 pm


In attached drawing I have created a ship's crane.
Basically the crane consist of 3 main components , each inside eachother.

Component 1 - Crane Complete. This entire component consists comp. 2 and 3 and is able to rotate all over the Zaxis.

Component 2 - Boom. This component is inside comp.1 and is able to rotate over the Yaxis together with component 3.

Component 3 - Hook. This component is inside comp.2 and is able to move up/down by Zaxis.

Comp 2 and 3 are linked to each other is such a way that the Block(comp 3) always stays under the end of the Boom(comp 2).

So far so good after quiet some brainwaves.

If I click in component 1, I can only use its own dynamic options. (The options of comp 2 and 3 are not visible).
The reach component 2 dynamic options, I have to go deeper inside comp. 1 to reach comp. 2 and same for comp 3 to go even 1 step deeper.

I would like to see all dynamic options in 1 window at first click on component 1.
Can't figure out how without messing up movements.

Very important is that when rotating comp1 , comp.2 and 3 move along.


Re: Component controls in upper component

Postby AijAij » Thu Nov 24, 2016 8:37 pm

I gave up too quick. Found the solution

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