strange DC behavior or is it just me ? Found the Mistake!

strange DC behavior or is it just me ? Found the Mistake!

Postby JH » Sat Nov 19, 2016 11:21 pm

Hello to all You Sketchup-Wizards and Code-Magicians ;)

This is my first try to ask for a Hint, if somebody has
a Clue what I am doing wrong.
I started using some code-Snippets from SU Examples for
creating simple Geometry using Points and PushPull.
Then I rotated the createt geometry and redrawed it as new Instance.

Then I started adding custom Attributes to the
dynamic_attributes Dictionary (with Ruby, not with the GUI).

I need the attached Attributes for using with a Program
which we use for Calculating Cost, creating Cutlists,
managing Time etc.

The strange thing is that the DC Browser shows the Attributes but only some Values
and if I click the field where the Valuse should normally be listet I get the
error Message as attached.

The Attribute Editor from Julia Christina Eneroth shows all Attributes and their
corresponding Values.

My question is how do I get a report in CSV of the attached attributes??
A little Help would be mouch appreciated. :?

Thanks in Advance

Edit: Now I know what I did wrong, In Case anyone wants to klow what it was,
"Capitals" in the Attributes Name, now that I have written it in downcase
Letters everything works fine. :D
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