Dynamic Components

Dynamic Components

Postby dagfinnie » Mon Nov 24, 2008 11:17 pm

This is my first contribution to a SU forum.
I find the DC function a powerful feature i SU. I've done a little researching and have come up with a floor DC with scaleable joists in both direction. When it comes to DC only imagination set the limits of what you can do. For those of you who have a special interest in construction drawings, the .skp might be useful. The metric system is used in the model and it's restricted to a Norwegian joist construction system. It is also adapted to a grid cc 600 mm (24")which is commonly used here. When scaled out of grid it will not work properly. I encountered some problems when trying to use equotations from the children components in parent calculations. There are some timesaving features missing like the fact that whenever you change the name of an attribute it is not automatically updated in the formulas. If you open the Component Option dialog, there are some options you can choose.


Re: Dynamic Components

Postby Chris Fullmer » Mon Nov 24, 2008 11:26 pm

Hello Dagfinnie and welcome! I don't have SU7 where I am right now so I can't check out the model, but I will later. Thanks for contributing,

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