Help Needed

Help Needed

Postby radicaljon » Mon Mar 24, 2008 5:48 am

Hi guys!

I'm pretty new here. I'm actually on a project by constructing an estate of flats in Singapore.
What I do is to build the model and import pictures on it, level by level.

My problem is that upon exporting the 3D Model and opening it in Google Earth, some of the pictures appear to be flashing.
I tried by exploding the pictures back in SketchUp, but some of them still have the same problem.

Any ideas how I can go about to solve my problem?
Would appreciate any help. Thanks. :D


Re: Help Needed

Postby Gaieus » Mon Mar 24, 2008 11:20 am

Hi Radicaljon,

You should give some more details about your method of importing pictures.

What I guess now is that you import the images but do not explode them so they appear on top of existing faces of your SU model (OR you anyway there are two faces right on top of each other). This causes the two "faces" (the real geometry face and the image) "fighting" for visibility (aka "Z-fighting"). You could do a couple of things to avoid it:
  • explode the images and apply them as material on the existing faces (suggested method)
  • move the images a bit (say a couple of centimetres) away from the faces (not the best method - should only use it when you want to display say a picture in front of a wall only)
  • remove the faces behind the images - use this only if they entirely cover the area where the face is behind.
Note that there seem to be glitches in the communication between SU and GE in the current releases so sometimes the images do not appear correctly But what you wrote about your problem seems not to be related to this.

If this is not the problem, please, attach at least an image (though a "simplified" version of an skp file would be even better).
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