Aligning axis

Aligning axis

Postby JonathanSmithFreemont » Fri Dec 12, 2014 7:25 pm

Hi there,

As explained in my other post viewtopic.php?f=271&t=60248 , I've imported a google map with height data, and it is of course aligned correctly to the "world corners", as it should be. This way light and shadows will work according to location, season and time of day, which is just perfect.

However, my house, that I'm modelling, while rectangular, does not align to the real world north/east/west/south axis.

When I started, I modelled it according to it's true orientation, but consisting of so many groups, components etc. on different layers, I soon found that it was very difficult to get lines, models, components etc. to snap to each other, when rotating, connecting etc. It is so much easier when they can snap/align to the global axises.

I know that I can set the axis for each component etc., but i find that it is difficult and very time consuming, and anyway, every helper tool, like the tape measurement tool for instance, always seems to be much easier to align to the global axises, than between several groups and components, that have had adjusted their axis.

As a result, I have aligned my house to the global axis, making everything so much faster to work with. But needles to say, this means I get a false image of how the house relates to the landscape.

Is there a way around this?

Please ask, if I haven't explained myself well enough, English isn't my native language.

Best regards,

Jonathan Smith


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