geolocation woes

geolocation woes

Postby skavan » Tue Dec 04, 2012 6:20 pm


I've searched through the forums for help but either haven't found or haven't been able to translate other answers to my question.

1. I have a House model that I have carefully built in sketchup. Every so often I pull up the model and refine it and then save it as a component.

2. I have a dwg of the surrounding land that lays out the 2d outlines of tree positions, driveways and either items.

3. I have dropped the component on the dwg layer and moved/rotated it as required.

4. I now wish to pull in geo-referenced I go the menu, find the right block of terrain and grab it.

Now comes the question. What shd I do to line up the dwg and house model such that:

A. The axes stay aligned to the faces of my house model. So if I draw a path leading to my front door its nicely aligned to the red, green blue axes.
B. When I update my house model and reload the component, I don't have to realign/rotate everything.
C. If I grab more terrain it will be deposited in the right place.
D. if I export the model to 3ds max or vue, the sun will be in the right place!

I hope that all makes sense.


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